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oakley fuel cell thin red line, Gunnar launched the intercept sunglasses fashion series of vibrant GUNNAR is the United States anti-Blu-glasses brand. Gunnar glasses is to contact those electronic products, the Blu-ray high-impact, who developed. For sunglasses, GUNNAR is the first relates to the trendy style, intercept sunglasses series, color is also extremely rich, oakley fuel cell thin red line.

oakley fuel cell thin red line, colorful summer, Gunnar release intercept sunglasses series is mainly directed against all of the summer outdoor eye care needs, summer, the eyes of the ultraviolet strongly strongly the ultraviolet light, more vulnerable and appear eye irritation, infection, For summer users demand sunglasses GUNNAR first foray into sunglasses, publishing and stylish designs intercept sunglasses series. Gunnar release intercept sunglasses series, its design prototypes from GUNNAR glasses classic intercept), trendy styling box design, personalize, and tide, and rectangle-style design gracefully sense lines that unstoppable 1.6.2002 elegant style. There is a color glasses Onyx, Flame red, glare purple ice blue, white fluorescent this five colors to choose, bright colors, vibrant and passion. Gunnar release intercept sunglasses series, lens is 100% with UV protection capacity to effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, use a GUNNAR in the treatment of anti-Blu-ray experience technology, this outdoor sunglasses in outdoor environments to provide better protection for our eyes. Intercept sunglasses in a state of the art of GUNNAR glasses, high-quality production, excellent experience. High-definition optical lenses, vision is more clear and a more realistic vision. Lens has strengthened the impact resistant layer of protection with excellent resistance to shock, and reduces the lenses scratched scratching the rate. Intercept sunglasses special arc-shaped design box, better fit in the face, wearing comfort. Gunnar release intercept sunglasses series at 499 million.