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oakley radar path frame only, The OSCE dilao glasses, Odeon Yuen Long sunglasses and what about, let’s take a look together, Odeon Yuen Long glasses price Odeon Yuen Long, in addition to other than sunglasses, most affected by the masses and is popular in your favorite radiation protection glasses, is specifically designed for the regular work of the PC is in the business who are produced. The lenses with high-quality, Colombia resin, and in addition to effective anti-ultraviolet, infrared and harmful glare, you can also remove PC, TV and mobile phone and other electromagnetic radiation, truly making the eyes tiredness, Eye Care and Prevention Week skin visually impaired. However, in general the formal opticians or dilao official website, radiation protection glasses range in price between $200 and sunglasses prices in the range of $100~500, sometimes even lower or higher. Odeon Yuen Long sunglasses characteristics of the glasses incorporate advanced version of a thick, hard to deal with the optical lenses, a total of 6 storey ultra-strong polarized coating layer, a layer can provide 99% offset effect which absorb external all reflective glare; the second tier of adhesive layer, can effectively resist cutting, a bendand phenomena such as shock; Layer 3 and Layer 4 hereinafter collectively referred to as the middle tier, in addition to the absorption of effective 90% more such OFFERS, UV shock hardening layer can provide good resilience and give you both clear and comfortable vision; Level 5 Offset Optical color layer, you can increase the lenses of the light transmission rate and more clearly; the last layer wear hard floors, effective prevention lens surface scratches, increase wear optical performance and stability, security. Odeon Yuen Long sunglasses, Odeon Yuen Long glasses prices? Odeon Yuen Long is a professional manufacturing sunglasses and radiation protection glasses of well-known enterprises, with unique process technology with the creation of the concept that combines international hi-tech technology and high-quality materials, is committed to providing a range of high-performance excellence, as well as anti-Blu-ray and waves are the best glasses products, has gained the confidence of many people in the If you have any questions or would like to purchase the product, you can refer to the Oakley glasses Life official website online customer service.