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oakley gascan tan, You know the kind of was not suitable for sunglasses? Sunglasses are not only able to prevent the irradiation of the ultraviolet light reflected to eliminate and glare, can also raise the overall appearance of the contemporary feel, but not all people were suitable for sunglasses. According to the survey, the following four groups are not suitable for sunglasses without undermining the visually impaired, oakley gascan tan.

oakley gascan tan, or affect some eye care, 1, Children under six years of age are not suitable for children: sunglasses as the eye is not yet fully developed, for a long time to join the sunglasses, a simple visually, If you have to wear, a day should not exceed 2 hoursof long-wearing, lens and the best option for the resin lens or PC lens and sunglasses to undergo regular way purchases. Ii. glaucoma sunglasses are not suitable for patients with: Glaucoma, generally requires a strong light beam to be better treatment and prevention. If a long time after the sunscreen and will reduce the light beam, the pupil becomes larger, eye pressure will increase, it is their eyes will become a pain, thereby affecting the glaucoma treatment. 3. color-blindness are not suitable for patients with sunglasses: we all know is color-blindness cannot tell the color, such as for the red and green color blind patients, because of the lack of red and green eyes Michael depending on pigment cells, causing eye red light and the green light is sensitive and cannot be separated from the red and green, if no longer wear sunglasses, not the resolution of the original color. 4. the optic nerves inflammation of the retinanot suitable for sunglasses optic nerve retina inflammation, you will need a good light conduction in order to clear the front view of things, if sunscreen, could lead as nerve conduction is poor, may increase the inflammation; night blindness patient was not suitable for sunglasses: If you wear sunglasses, could lead to light as a result of weakening and can cause visual fatigue, and will ultimately lead to a loss of vision, and so on.