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oakley holbrook yellow lens, Blue Eyes sunglasses blue eyes sunglasses what? Blue Eyes brand in Hong Kong and mainland China registration, product design and fashion trends, style is also varied and craftsmanship and nicely decorated and large foreign brand companies design, domestic production factory. Professional design for self-built up with the times and stylish glasses, oakley holbrook yellow lens.

oakley holbrook yellow lens, The following is a look together blue eyes what sunglasses, Blue Eyes men polarized sunglasses and a stylish DRIVER MIRROR, The Gradient Gray lens that things real and clear without distortion and distortion, The tac gradient Gray lens substrate with a U.S, Eastman material, PVA polarized film with Japanese Coke Lai, lens with excellent offset the feature CD-strength up to more than 99%. The surface of the lens enhanced firmness, more durable and lens also effectively block 100% ultraviolet rays, can fully eliminate glare, travelers to improve visual clarity and color contrast. Men polarized sunglasses on design is also a special focus on the appearance of the style, with the crossbars with metal frame, the thickness of the appearance of a more beautiful. The mirror in the leg and convex embossed with Yoo Jeong mosaics, mirror bracket on the whole more beautiful, modern. The metal frame is not only rugged and compact, and style is very innovative. Aluminum magnesium alloy frame nature of resistance, corrosion resistant, high intensity, use a long period of time. Aluminum magnesium alloy material mirror and Spring leg, design, comfortable for more and more people. Blue Eyes anger as sunglasses, trendy big box with exquisite design, stylish, not only more aesthetically pleasing. But the glasses color also varied, we not only have a favorite, and there are black tea, purple, blue can be chosen. Gradients AC resin lens, gloss better visual clarity, easy to experience a comfortable viewing. Semicircular mirror and design, and sleek lines and pastel, diamond double round adorn the frame, and frame the delicacy of the Guangcai, the more understated luxury, premium and noble qualities. The above are the “blue eyes sunglasses? The relevant information, want to know more, and you are always welcome click Oakley glasses Life official website to learn. You can also consult online customer service purchase of the related products.