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oakley holbrook emerald iridium, ten color, everyone is able to find its own sunglasses ten color, the word from the literal interpretation of the Decade is the person in 10 different styles and features, metaphors every individual is different and unique. Optional glasses and sunglasses we have to remember this sentence, whatever model face on which one, withhis face and the appearance of the style mix to look its best all the merits the approach, oakley holbrook emerald iridium.

oakley holbrook emerald iridium, The frame in which the color of the lens, which is good for us to listen to the opinions of experts, This large hand omachi living information web site is located at an interview with Japan on the streets of Shinjuku glasses regie shop senior shop assistants. The shop assistants to the web site to edit the first impression of sunglasses framed mirrors too big, colors are too dark, eyebrows and are completely hidden, give them a very heavy burden, and the liveliness of the impression. The best sunglasses Wear Location is located in both eyes nose pads between members to the area under the eyebrows should be in the upper edge of the frame with the location of the almost slightly so that the cover a little bit, the breadth of vision is better. In the eyes of others, but also the most natural. The round face if you want may appear face length is to wear with gradient color lenses, from top to bottom color fading light. The selection of the lens and the color of the frame is also need to take into account the wearer of the color. You want to look more face more good complexion, rather than in terms of black and blue, the color is recommended more and wine red Requiescat. With regard to the strength of the lens color, if it is walking on the street when wearing sunglasses, then select from the other party seems to be barely spotted the concentration of the eye is exactly. It is important to note that many European and American big sunglasses is for Europe and her ethnic origin, which is why Dell in the contour not so prominent in Asia on their faces perhaps the effects are not necessarily good, really wish to Dell, please help the majority of the Angle Adjustment nose pads and height.